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User Experience Design | with Funsolve

User Experience Design is at the heart of all products.  At Funsolve we work with you to establish the user journey; from the user discovering your app to enjoying its many benefits and coming back time and again.  Working with Funsolve is peace of mind for your development, we will listen to your design needs and work to establish these clearly through iterative and collaborative development.

At Funsolve we have experience in AAA Console games as well as 150 million + downloaded Free to Play games, working with such huge audiences requires sharp instincts and novel solutions to develop healthy user behaviour.  Signalling the users through the application with clarity and style is our objective at Funsolve.  As well as the UX we develop the UI assets and can also work with your teams on implementation as much as you require it.

We can also arrange user focus testing should you require it.

What we do:

  • Establish the user journey
  • Develop the screen flow, content and layouts
  • Develop a test application to iterate with you
  • Conceptualise visual treatments
  • Develop final assets
  • Arrange user testing & feedback

Need help with UX & UI?