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Pitch Development | with Funsolve


We are a one stop solution for the development of your product pitch; if you are pitching for a game or app, you need help structuring your ideas or you would like help with producing a pitch that will guarantee a satisfied client then this is the service for you; with this package we will develop your products brand, identity and high level flow.  We will structure the project for budgeting purposes and plan out the key milestones, looking at talent, tools and technology.

What we do:

  • Funsolve can produce the pitch alone or with your team
  • Bring us into your concept development process as early as possible
  • Urgent pitch decks or late dressings are welcome
  • Small pitches 5 slides, medium 15 slides or large 30 slides and over catered for
  • Simple word and screens or motion graphics and ripomatics, its up to you!
  • Funsolve will design, develop and produce the perfect pitch