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Brand Development Workshop

Contact us about our one day workshops designed to support your team in the development of a products branding and purpose.  Many teams struggle when it comes to the subject of brand, audience and the pursuit of creating something genuinely stand-out in todays over-crowded market place.

Timing and place to suit you.

Free to Play Introductory Workshop

A lot has been tried and tested in the past 2-3 years since the disruption of premium price apps with the free to play business model, however a great deal is still hard to comprehend or fully appreciate when it comes to designing and constructing a free to play game experience not to mention its associated economy.  This workshop is designed for developers and teams that are new or in-experienced in the creation of free to play games or for those that wish to broaden their knowledge of the free to play product design.
Timing and place to suit you.

Subject to terms and conditions

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