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A GearVR Prototype

London, December 02, 2016

Step inside a historical reconstruction of Sir Isaac Newton’s London home at 35 St Martin’s Street, which hasn’t been seen since it was destroyed in 1913.

Pit yourself against a series of puzzles left behind by Newton that leads directly to a notebook containing his most coveted invention. But hurry, you’re not alone and if this notebook were to fall into the wrong hands, the world would be in imminent danger!

Newton Chronicles casts the player into the role of Catherine Barton, Newton’s spirited young niece who is under strict orders from her uncle to destroy his notebook. But will her commitment falter when she finally understands the gravity of Newton’s invention. Will she give in to temptation?

After weighing up the morality of Newton’s secret invention and deciding for yourself if the notebook should be destroyed, take a journey through Newton’s life. Explore every room in detail, interact with his personal possessions and learn the factual history behind one of the greatest minds of the 17th century Scientific Revolution.



Step into the London home of legendary scientist Sir Isaac Newton. Move around freely and explore every room within the house.


Interact with Sir Isaac Newton’s personal possessions. Unlock a series of puzzles that require a sharp mind to solve.


Discover the secret side to Sir Isaac Newton’s life. Reveal his most coveted invention that put the world in imminent danger.

Game Features

  • Historical reconstruction of Isaac Newton’s London home at 35 St Martin’s Street
  • 5 rooms to explore, each containing a series of challenging puzzles to solve
  • A compelling story that unravels as you play, revealing the hidden side of Newton
  • A museum mode that enables you to discover Newton’s home and anecdotes about his life

The Newton Chronicles prototype was developed by us as a collaboration piece exploring VR and history under the company NRM Productions Limited, Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved.

Neil Glenister

Dev & Design

Mike Haigh

Art & Design

Claire Boissiere

Writer & Producer

Richard Tawn

Art & Design

In collaboration with.

232 Studios

232 Studios

NRM Productions Ltd.