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Our Customer Service Charter

Our Service

Like most businesses we understand that providing our customers with excellent and high quality service is the key to mutual success.  Our customer service charter sets out to clarify what you can expect from us when you engage in our business.

Why we exist

We love to make people smile and believe in a product; we believe any experience can be engaging and entertaining if the right action is taken during its development.  Funsolve is here to provide industry leading creative services to mobile and console video game and application developers.  After many years creating AAA video games it became apparent that no game development is plain sailing and the best productions usually involve a broad collection of businesses coming together to produce something spectacular, we are here to support your business.

Who we are and what we do

We are an organisation of seasoned and talented creative people dedicated to supporting businesses build the best mobile and console experiences in games.  We support developers in winning game or app product pitches, sculpting the concept, planning, developing and producing the  end product.

Who accesses our services

Global Video Game and Application developers or publishers that want the very best experience for their products.

Our Service Principles


  • We will respond promptly to your enquiries through our phone and web service
    • We aim to respond to phone enquiries and emails within one working day
    • We aim to respond to mail correspondence within 48 hours
  • We will provide accurate and up to date information, when you need it
  • Our service targets outline our process and payment timelines.

A Quality Service

  • Our people understand your issues because of their extensive experience in business
  • We aim to tailor our response to your specific needs
  • If we are not able to support with something we aim to provide linkages and referral to other information relevant to your business needs
  • You will receive the same excellent service standard if you receive services from a third party on our behalf.


  • We have systems in place to ensure that we protect your confidential information
  • We understand that your ideas are your business advantage – and will not use our position to gain an advantage for ourselves or others – or cause a detriment to you
  • We handle all your information in accordance with the UK Privacy Act


  • We are open and transparent about our processes
  • All our product and service information is published on our website
  • We aim to provide consistent and clear information across our communication channels
  • Our staff must disclose conflicts of interest
  • We will give you access to your personal information if you request it*


  • Our business dealings with you will be conducted with integrity and honesty
  • Our people will focus on helping you find solutions to your business needs
  • Every customer is treated equally
  • Our people will be accountable in their dealings with you.

If you use our web services you can expect:

  • To contact us when and where it is convenient for you – with social media, email or subscription
  • The website to be easy to use, with intuitive navigations and clear content so you can quickly find what you need
  • That you can access our information using any device, any time
  • If you sign up to receive our information, to always have the option to unsubscribe.

If you call 0781 802 891 you can expect:

  • Our staff to be experienced and knowledgeable
  • To be able to contact our Business Support service between 8.30am-7:00pm nationally Monday to Friday
  • You will be able to leave a message and phone number and we will respond within 24 hours

If you deal with us face-to-face you can expect:

  • We shall be courteous and listen to the challenges you are facing.
  • We will always tell you how we charge for our services.
  • If you receive assistance from us, we will inform you of your obligations.

To allow us to help, we expect you will:

  • Give us information that is timely, accurate and complete
  • Take the time to understand your obligations and aim to fulfil them
  • Provide us with honest, constructive feedback on our service
  • Contact us if you believe we have made an error or acted inappropriately, and wish to make a complaint.



Feedback includes compliments, complaints, suggestions or any information about our program delivery, services or performance.

You can provide feedback by emailing us or by calling us on 07818 082 891.

Should you have a complaint, we appreciate you providing us with the first opportunity to resolve it.

All people have the right to raise concerns and make legitimate complaints and expect that the issues raised will be handled in a fair, confidential and responsive manner, free from repercussion or prejudice.

Clearly explaining the issue and what you think should be done to fix it will assist us. Please include copies of any relevant documents. At the conclusion of a formal complaint, you will receive our decision in writing.

If you are still not satisfied, you may ask for a review of our handling of the matter. The review process will determine if we acted according to our policies and guidelines.